Leandro Lopes offers their customers unique and modern Designer Sneakers but this time it’s more than that. The Leandro Lopes Mosh Diamond is pure luxury and carefully designed in every detail.

Antwerp in Belgium is the world most important center of processing and trading of diamonds. Here begins the story of the Mosh Diamond. Inspired and animated by these polished diamonds, Leandro Lopes decided to use the synergy of high fashion and jewelry to create a complete unique Designer Sneaker. 240 diamonds in total with a weight 6 carat are placed on two gold buckles which have a weight of 18 carat. The main part of the shoe consists of real exotic sting ray leather in a champagne color. The rest of the shoe is completed by real soft calfskin leather in a silver lack look. Convince yourself about the pure luxury and take a look in our exclusive area